The Great Biology Bake Off

The Great Biology Bake Off

The Great Biology Bake Off

To celebrate Biology Week 2016 the Biology Department held a Great Biology Bake Off Competition.  The challenge was to use creativity and originality to produce a baked item representing any aspect of physiology, the science of life.  The results were pretty amazing, demonstrating both creativity and an excellent knowledge of life structures.

Red Velvet Brain Cake by Ruth Gordon and Laura Harrison, Year 13

Fruit cake eye cake by Barney Hill, Year 11

Appendectomy Madeira cake by Bruce Buglass, Year 12, and Verity Buglass, Year 11

Close up of Appendectomy cake

Heart failure cake by Lewis Hall, Year 13

Chocolate Enzyme/Substrate cake by Sunetra Chatterjee, Year 12

Kidneys cake by Elinor Haworth, Year 12

Cell Cake by Elena Bateman, Year 12